Hyderabad: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s grandson, Prakash Ambedkar, unveiled the poster for the upcoming movie ‘Jai Bharat,’ shedding light on the rampant corruption plaguing elections. Prakash Ambedkar addressed the gathering on this significant occasion, emphasizing the film’s powerful message. He urged the public to cast their votes exclusively for candidates whom they trust to serve with integrity, without succumbing to the influence of money, alcohol, or any other inducements.

“This poster is a clarion call to raise awareness,” Prakash Ambedkar remarked.

The film will be helmed by director Muddam Swamy, produced by Nakshathram Production. Swami Muddam disclosed that ‘Jai Bharat’ is a compelling narrative that unravels the narrative of impoverished families trapped in a vortex of political turmoil as they accept money and liquor during elections. The cast and crew details will be announced shortly, he added.

This thought-provoking movie promises to shed light on the dark shadows of electoral corruption, urging citizens to make informed choices for a better India.

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