New York: On the illustrious evening of September 10th, a historic moment unfolded at the renowned New York Fashion Week. For the very first time in the event’s prestigious history, an enthralling Bharathanatyam Group dance graced the runway stage, mesmerizing the audience. The performance was led by the exceptionally talented AbhinayaSree Famous Classic Dancer and actress Indrani Davaluri, alongside her gifted students SriNidhi, Isha, Lasya, and Kushi, and it left an indelible mark on the spectators, culminating in a resounding standing ovation.

Famous Classic Dancer and actress Indrani Davaluri, a luminary with double Masters degrees and the distinguished title of Mrs. South Asia World Elite, graciously shared her thoughts on this groundbreaking performance. She confessed to feeling a rush of nerves before taking the stage during a runway show, but the boundless energy and overwhelming appreciation from the audience eased her apprehensions. Moreover, her students expressed sheer delight in being part of this historic moment.

Indrani recently featured in an exclusive interview on W9USA channel, a prominent national network in the United States. The interview took place during South Asian Heritage Month, where she was recognized for her unwavering commitment to the community through her artistry and her extensive work in organizing numerous not-for-profit events.

In addition to her achievements, Indrani is actively involved in the production and acting of an upcoming film titled “Andhela Ravamidhi.” This compelling cinematic creation revolves around the arduous journey of a dancer in the United States, portraying the struggles and triumphs of an artist in pursuit of their dreams. The movie is set to grace OTT platforms next summer, promising to captivate audiences with its powerful narrative and exceptional performances.







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