“GTA – Guns, Trans, Action” is a high-octane cinematic experience that blends the elements of crime, action, and drama into a thrilling narrative. Directed by Deepak Siddhant and produced by Ashwatthama Productions, this film introduces promising talents Chaitanya Chulaleti and Heena Roy as the lead actors.

The movie revolves around individuals who believe that the pursuit of wealth supersedes everything else, even their own morality. Their involvement in various criminal activities takes a dark turn when they stumble upon a mysterious two-headed snake, leading them into the world of opulence and power. Meanwhile, our love-struck heroes, Rishi (Chaitanya) and Janhvi (Heena Roy), have a fateful encounter with this enigmatic quartet, setting the stage for a captivating narrative filled with twists and turns. To uncover the secrets behind the two-headed snake and the ensuing conflict between the heroes and villains, one must venture into the theater.

Actors’ Performances:
Chaitanya Chulaleti’s portrayal of Rishi is nothing short of fantastic, considering this is his debut performance. He displays immense promise as an actor. Heena Roy shines both in terms of glamour and acting prowess, proving her transition from a model to a capable heroine. The supporting cast, including Sudarshan Reddy, Srikanth Krishnaswamy, Sheenu, Lobo, Roopa, Karan, and Vivek, deliver commendable performances in their respective roles.

Technical Excellence:
One of the standout aspects of “GTA” is its well-crafted screenplay. Director Deepak Siddhant’s ability to weave a compelling narrative is evident throughout the movie. KV Prasad’s cinematography deserves accolades for its precision and visual appeal. Mark Kay Robin’s music enhances the overall cinematic experience, while Garry BH’s editing keeps the pacing engaging. Notably, Ashwatthama Productions, spearheaded by Dr. Sushila and her son Director Deepak Siddhant, must be commended for their dedication to bringing this film to life.

“GTA – Guns, Trans, Action” primarily delivers action-packed sequences that are expertly executed. Director Deepak Siddhant deserves praise for his storytelling prowess and the way he unfolds the narrative with precision. The screenplay and action sequences are clear highlights of the film. However, it’s worth noting that some scenes may contain intense violence. The film also attempts to convey a message about the dangers of drug use, which is a relevant issue in today’s society. Overall, “GTA” is a movie aimed at a youthful audience, and it caters to the preferences of this generation effectively.

Rating: 3.25 / 5






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