Hyderabad (MediaBoss Network):

Gouds Business Network (GBN), a prominent platform for Gouda business enthusiasts, has added another feather to its cap with the recent launch of the ‘GBN Chanakya’ chapter.

In a splendid inauguration ceremony held at the Habsiguda Goodland Hotel in the East Zone, ‘GBN Chanakya’ was officially introduced to the GBN family. The event was marked by jubilant GBN members who came together to celebrate this milestone with a ceremonial cake-cutting.

CH Prabhakar, the esteemed Founding President of GBN, expressed his immense joy at the launch of the Chanakya chapter, emphasizing its significance in GBN’s expansion journey. He affirmed GBN’s unwavering commitment to empower their community economically and pledged to overcome any challenges that may arise along the way. GBN, under his leadership, aspires to evolve from a local business group to a global network, uniting the community’s economic forces across India.

Ravigari Prasad (Ethamullu), GBN Growth Brand Ambassador, hailed the launch of ‘GBN Chanakya’ as a momentous decision that fills the community with pride. He highlighted the chapter’s role in strengthening GBN’s business influence, not just within various parts of Hyderabad but also across different districts, states, and even globally. According to him, the Chanakya chapter represents the first step towards many future successes.

The event also saw the active participation and speeches of key GBN figures, including Secretary Treasurer Lakshminarayana Rakala, Vice President Shivakumar Goud, members of the Acharya Chapter, and enthusiastic members of the newly established ‘GBN Chanakya’ Chapter.

GBN’s journey continues to shine as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and community-driven economic growth. The ‘GBN Chanakya’ chapter launch is yet another testament to their unwavering dedication to these ideals.








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