All the celebrities also become famous with Bigg Boss show. Until then the image will change completely. Even those who don’t know anyone get crazed by the show. So the craze that came with that show will be increased with social media. If anchor Shyamala made noise in the second season, Divi made a fuss in the fourth season. And finally Inaya appeared in the Bigg Boss house. In the sixth season, Inaya was a hit.

Now it seems that all these Bhalams have also bought their own properties. Everyone knows how difficult it has become to own a house in Hyderabad. Now it seems that all eyes are on the suburbs of Hyderabad. It is known that many of our celebrities have many farm houses and properties in the suburbs.

All kinds of HMDA approvals.. It seems that people like Devi, Inaya, Anchor Shyamala are buzzing in Lavora, the only real estate company that has DTCP, Muda, farm lands. It seems that anchor Shyamala has bought the property. Television stars are buying their own properties, buying cars and houses, so everyone’s attention is falling on them.

Lavora company has 300 acres in Judchar and 250 acres Mercury Township on Srisailam National Highway in many places. But it is known that all these television actresses are earning well by appearing in small roles in shows, special events, shopping mall openings and movies.



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