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Hyderabad, India – Telugu tech trailblazers from around the world gathered at Thub 2.0 in Hyderabad on March 22, 2023, to celebrate the birth of the World Telugu Information Technology Council (WTITC). The event marked a major milestone in the establishment of WTITC, a platform that aims to empower Telugu entrepreneurs and innovators in the technology sector.

The summit was attended by key members of the WTITC, including its Founder and President, Sundeep Kumar Makthala, and  MnrGupta TITA Overseas Coordinator & WTITC Council member MNR Gupta, among others. The event was made a success thanks to the participation of these distinguished individuals.

The event was also graced by several esteemed guests, including MLC Banda Prakash, Deputy Chairman of Telangana Legislative Council, Vakulabharanam Krishnamohan Rao, Chairman of Telangana State BC Commission, and other dignitaries who spoke as chief guests.

CEO Mohana Vamsi Indukuri was felicitated by WTITC President Sandeep Makthala on this occasion. Founders of IT, software, and start-up companies were also in attendance, Pranava Group CTO Rambabu Boorugu, including Prism Multimedia CEO M. Srinivas Goud, Mediaboss Network Company CEO Swamy Muddam, and Kakatiya Mediahouse MD CH Prabhakar, among others.

On the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, the Telugu New Year, the IT Secretaries of both Telugu States graced the event as esteemed guests to unveil the WTITC constitution. The unveiling was met with great excitement and enthusiasm from the attendees, who were eager to see the platform’s vision and mission come to life.

In his address, Sundeep Kumar Makthala spoke about the importance of empowering Telugu tech trailblazers and creating opportunities for growth and innovation. “The establishment of WTITC marks a major milestone in our collective efforts to build a more prosperous and equitable future for Telugu entrepreneurs and innovators in the technology sector. I am thrilled to see the overwhelming support for this initiative and look forward to working together to make a positive impact,” he said.

The event was a resounding success, and attendees left feeling inspired and motivated to continue their efforts in building a better future for the Telugu tech community.

The establishment of the WTITC marks a significant step forward for the Telugu tech community and demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation in driving positive change. The organization will serve as a platform for Telugu tech trailblazers to connect, collaborate, and create a brighter future for all.


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