A Story By Swamy Muddam

Once upon a time, there was a couple named Mr. Harsha and Mrs. Kavya. They were constantly suspicious of each other, always quarrelling and fighting over insignificant things. This led to their eventual breakup, and they both decided to start anew, changing their names and moving on with their lives.

One day, Harsha met a girl on Instagram and they hit it off. They agreed to meet at a restaurant, and Harsha went there to wait for her. However, as he was waiting, his ex-wife Kavya walked in. They both were confused and angry to see each other, and they immediately started accusing each other of cheating.

Their argument escalated into a full-blown fight, causing the restaurant owner to call the police. When the police arrived, they tried to convince Harsha and Kavya to make amends and give their relationship a second chance. After some hesitation, Harsha and Kavya realized that they still loved each other and wanted to try again.

They apologized for their past behavior, forgave each other, and decided to reunite. From that day on, they worked hard to rebuild their relationship, putting their past suspicions and quarrels behind them. They learned to trust each other and live happily ever after, grateful for the second chance they were given.


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