Interview with Director Ram Reddy Pannala

            Few people are successful in the industry. Audiences now need to know what kind of content they will connect to and maintain such a cutout. Only then can you hit a super hit. The toy could be a blockbuster. ‘Ram Reddy Pannala’ is one of the directors with such ability. Director Ram Reddy Pannala has succeeded with the recently released movie ‘Nede Vidudala’ in making the main theme of the problem that the film industry is currently suffering from and creating an engaging narrative around it. A special interview with director Ram Reddy Panna who became a hot topic in the industry with his first movie.

Q: Namaste.. Ram Reddy Pannala garu.. With the movie ‘Nede Vidudala’, you caught everyone’s attention in the industry. First tell me about your background.

Answer: Namaste Andi, Lakshmipur village in Madi Jagityala district. We are a farmer family. Mom and dad are farmers. I came into this field with my love for movies since childhood.

Q: The title of your film ‘Nede Vidudala’ is very catchy.. In which genre did you film it?

Answer: Yes.. The first positive vibrations started with the title ‘Nede Vidudala’. This movie is a complete family entertainer. Along with comedy, love, emotions, it also has a good message.

Q: How was the response after the release of ‘Nede Vidudala’? What kind of response is coming from all areas?

Answer: Everyone who has seen the movie says it is good. Many viewers like the comedy especially in the movie and watch it repeatedly. After the release of the movie, there was a positive response from all categories of audience. I got calls and messages from many people asking me to do such films. This movie is a complete family comedy drama. That’s why everyone liked it. Positive response is coming from all areas. Especially good collections are coming in Jagitya.

Q: You became the talk of the town in the industry with your first movie. Have you worked in any directorate department?

Answer: I worked as an assistant director under director VN Aditya. I also worked as a co-director in director Maruti Talkies. I like director Sukumar very much. In a way, Sukumar was Eklavya’s disciple.

Q: What kind of films do you want to do in the future?

Answer: I think it is important to make the audience happy. I want to give a message along with entertainment. I want to make films that make the audience happy and think.




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