Film: Sirimalle Puvva..
Release Date: February 10, 2023

Cast: Sreekar, Shravani, Ajay Ghosh, Safi Khwadri, Jaya Naidu, Shyam, Kalyan, Rajeshwari, Omkarnath.. ect


Writer, Director:
Gautham Mylavaram

Editor: Nandamuri Hari
DOP: Satyanand-V
Music: Jeebu
Singers: B. Saujanya, B. Sirisha
Dance: Anish

“Sirimalle Puvva…” is a film that shows how a love story and a political story are mixed in a rural tribal background. Let’s find out how this movie, released on February 10, is in the Review Report.

This film is about how the story of politics and love unfolds in the tribal background. Vijayendra Prasad is an Social welfare Minister of state, who always looks after welfare of the people. DurgaRaidu is MLA who looks for his welfare only, and he wants to become as minister. His only hurdle is Vijayendra Prasad, so he makes a plan to make Vijayendra Prasad to resign to his minister post. In this process he uses Vijayendra Prasad’s son Mahesh –who loves a tribal girl Malli. So what happen next is the plot of the film.

Srikar scored good marks for his acting in the role of Mahesh. Sreekar played the role of minister’s son Mahesh. He impresses as a lover boy. Srikar gave good marks for his acting. Sravani has done well in the role of Malli as a tribal girl. Sravani reminded me of ‘Sirimalle Puvva.. Sridevi’. Safi Khwadri did justice to his role as Welfare Minister Vijayendra Prasad. Ajay Ghosh’s acting in the negative role of MLA Durgarayudu is on another level. He played a strong role in the film and impressed. Jayanaidu, Shyam, Kalyan, Rajeshwari, Omkarnath who acted in other roles did justice to their roles.

Producer Kausar Jahan’s production values are good. Quality is visible in all departments in this movie. If you watch this movie, you will know what the director’s work is. Director Gautham has screened the story written by him carefully and impressively. He was successful in the way he told the love story between purity and impurity in politics. Another highlight of the movie is the music provided by Jeebu. DOP Satyanand should be congratulated for filming the beautiful scenes in the tribal village. Good visuals are provided. Nandamuri Hari’s editing is perfect.

Director Gautham Mylavaram has very well depicted the elements of Adavi Malli, who entered the political exile of a selfless leader and entered into the heart of his son, who was imprisoned by another evil politician and got out of his clutches and blossomed like a pure sirimalle. The highlight of the movie is the way Gautham has written a love story amidst politics in the tribal background. Overall, director Gautham has given a good message with this movie. He has put before us the story of a selfless leader who wants to win, to stand, to survive, not to rob the people, but to save the people. This is a movie that everyone should watch.

Rating 3.25 / 5


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