Raju Gautham (Maniratnam)
Chakrapani Ananda (Venkateswara Rao’s role)
Movie Srinu (Mechanic Raju)
Kiriti (Psychologist)

Written & Directed by : Subbu Cherukuri
Produced by : Anil Moduga
Banner – Anil Moduga Films #anilmodugafilms
Co-Produced by: Bala Krishna Konduri, Srinivas Vanniyakula
DOP – Mohan Chary
Music – M.S Jones Rupert
Chief Editor : TheRevengerz
Editor : Arjun – Basava
VFX : Raj Pavan Kommoju (Irendri Studios)
Sound Designer – Sai Maneendhar Reddy
Sound Mix – Arvind Menon
Art Director : Koyylamudi Rakesh (Nani)
Colorist : Anvesh Paturi
Associate Cameraman : Chenchu J

Tollywood senior comedian Brahmanandam’s son Raja Gautham in the lead role is the film ‘Break Out’ directed by Subbu Cherukuri. This film, produced under the banner of Anil Moduga Films, is in the survival horror genre. The trailers of this movie released in the past have gone viral and created an interesting and extreme curiosity. Recently this movie (on February 24, 2023) Release. And how is this movie? Raja Gautham hit? Or? Let’s find out in the review report.

Maniratnam is an ASPIRANT FILMMAKER who suffers from monophobia stammering voice, He will be offered Shelter for a day by a mechanic named Raju in an old garage where Raju will be living along with his friend, when Raju moves out on some work leaving MANIRATNAM alone in his garage,where he promises Maniratnam that he will be back in an hour.

Maniratnam tries to engage himself in the garage, while he tries to overcome his phobia, he gets locked inside Raju’s place. how maniratnam got locked and what happened to him, how does his phobia affected him and how he survived is the crux of the story.

Actors Performance:
Raju Gautham in Mani Ratnam’s role as an aspiring film director is perfect. He acted very well in many scenes where he faced situations with phobia. In the role of Venkateswara Rao, Chakrapani Ananda impressed by acting to the extent of her role. Srinu acting excellent in the role of mechanic Raju. It can be said that Kiriti’s acting in the role of a psychologist is Good.

Technical Team:

Producer Anil Moduga production values are Good . It must be said that the story is well written and Directed by the Debutant Subbu Cherukuri ,he has been successful in creating such excitement. The music provided by MS Jones Rupert is Good and it kept Audience Engaged.cinematography provided by Mohan Chari is Good and Visuals Carried the Mood of the film.The Crisp editing by The Revengerzs is perfect.

Spending time alone can be extremely distressing for those with the mental disorder monophobia. However, it is interesting to see how he fares when he is stuck alone in the garage. It must be said that the story written by Subbu Cherukuri has been successful in creating such excitement. This Prayogatma movie will please everyone. The way the story is told in a suspenseful manner is good for the audience. It can be said that all types of audience will like this movie.

Rating: 3.25/ 5


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