Vijayawada witnesses a groundbreaking development as the esteemed Kaveti Law Firm, headquartered in New York, establishes its maiden partnership offices in India, marking a significant milestone in legal services for Indian nationals navigating international territories. Helmed by Kaveti Srinivas, a prominent figure in international law, the firm’s expansion underscores a pivotal shift in the legal landscape.

In a collaborative effort, FC Overseas Educational Consultancy, a well-established entity with a robust presence across the Telugu states, joins forces with Kaveti Law Firm to inaugurate their Andhra Pradesh headquarters on Bandaru Road, Vijayawada. This strategic partnership brings together a consortium of legal luminaries, including Dr Vic Gaffney, an expert in international immigration law, and a cadre of distinguished advocates from the Andhra and Telangana High Court.

Kaveti Srinivas emphasized the firm’s commitment to leveraging recent judicial rulings allowing international law firms to operate in India. With its Indian headquarters in New Delhi, a regional hub in Hyderabad, and recent expansions in Warangal, Karimnagar, and Khammam, Kaveti Law Firm aims to provide comprehensive legal counsel and services to Indian nationals venturing abroad.

Chillakalla Abhinash, at the helm of FC Overseas Educational Consultancy, announced the upcoming inauguration of partnership branches in Guntur and Tirupati, further solidifying their collaborative efforts in facilitating legal assistance for expatriates.

Dr Vic Gaffney, heading the Indian operations for Caveti Law, echoed the firm’s dedication to offering pro bono legal advice to Indians abroad and prospective expatriates, ensuring seamless navigation through legal complexities.

Renowned High Court advocates, including Mallela Aditya and Tupili Ravindrababu, pledged their support in furnishing complimentary legal guidance to individuals before and after their international ventures, striving to mitigate legal challenges and promote a hassle-free experience.

With this pioneering initiative, Kaveti Law Firm, in partnership with FC Overseas Educational Consultancy and legal luminaries, sets a precedent in extending invaluable legal support to the Indian diaspora, ushering in a new era of legal accessibility and empowerment.



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