This is a review of the Telugu movie “The Indian Story,” which tackles the sensitive topic of religious conflict. The film stars Raj Bhheem Reddy and Jara Khan, and is directed by R. Rajasekhar Reddy. It tells the story of two rival groups and explores the themes of religious manipulation and social harmony.

Story:  The story revolves around two rival groups, one led by a Hindu leader named Sriram (Ramaraju) and the other by a Muslim leader named Kabir Khan (Mukhtar Khan). The two groups often engage in religious riots and attacks on each other. Rehman (Raj Bhheem Reddy), who hails from Vizag, enters the scene with a bag of gold biscuits. His friend Feko (Chammak Chandra) helps him sell the biscuits. However, Feko, who is already in debt, tries to steal the gold biscuits from Rehman to pay off his debts. In the process of selling the gold biscuits, Feko’s friend Mustafa is attacked by Sriram’s group. Kabir Khan, the Muslim leader, goes to the hospital to visit the injured Mustafa and is attacked himself. Rehman saves Kabir Khan from the attackers but gets injured in the process. From then on, Rehman becomes close to Kabir Khan. Under pressure from Feko, Rehman joins Kabir Khan’s group as a leader. While undergoing treatment in the hospital, Rehman falls in love with Kabir Khan’s daughter, Dr. Ayesha (Jara Khan). Meanwhile, Mustafa dies. Kabir Khan takes Rehman to a secluded place to discuss revenge for Mustafa’s death, but instead attacks Rehman. Why did Kabir Khan attack Rehman, who saved his life? Why did journalist Raj become Rehman and join Kabir Khan’s group? What is the past of Ramaraju and Kabir Khan? How are these two leaders using religion to incite violence among the people? How does Rehman alias Raj expose their conspiracy to the people? This is the rest of the story.

Performances:  Raj Bhheem Reddy is excellent as the hero. He suits the character well and doesn’t go overboard with his acting. He also does well in the fight scenes. Jara Khan, the heroine, impresses with her emotional performance. Chammak Chandra delivers one of his best performances as Feko. Ramaraju and Mukhtar Khan do justice to their roles as Sriram and Kabir Khan, respectively.

Technical Aspects:  The technical aspects of the film are good. The production values are high, and the cinematography by Nimmala Jaipaul Reddy is impressive. Sandeep Kunaigula’s music is catchy, and Sandeep’s background score elevates the film’s scenes. The stunts and editing are also well done. The director has handled the action sequences well.

Analysis: The Indian Story is a film that exposes the religious leaders who use religion for their own selfish political gains. The film is a bold attempt by the producer and hero Raj Bhheem Reddy and director R. Rajasekhar Reddy to address the issue of communal violence. It is a film that exposes the conspiracies of selfish political leaders who divide society in the name of religion. The Indian Story will make people aware of the violence that is happening in the name of religion.

The film starts off on a light note with good comedy between the hero and Chammak Chandra’s characters. The comedy is not separate from the story but rather travels along with it. The scenes between Rehman, Chammak Chandra, and the nurse in the hospital are hilarious. As the story progresses, the film takes a serious turn, with the murders of Mustafa, Ravi, and Rahim leading to clashes between the two groups. Kabir Khan forms a political party called the Muslim League, while Sriram forms a party called the Shakti Sena. From here, director R. Rajasekhar Reddy has interestingly portrayed the political game played in the name of religion. He also plays the role of a church father in the film. The small love track between the hero and heroine is also appealing. The interval bang is surprising. The twists that start in the first half are gradually revealed in the second half. The past of Sriram and Kabir Khan is very interesting.

The Indian Story is a well-made film with a good message and all the commercial elements. It is sure to get a good response at the box office.

Rating:  3.5 / 5

Would I recommend this movie?
Yes, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a well-made social drama with a strong message. The film is well-acted, directed, and produced, and it has something to offer everyone.

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