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The movie ‘Hanuman’ is currently creating a stir in the Indian film industry. The audience is fed up with this wonderful film, which has linked Indian mythology to the superhero concept. The audience is mesmerized by the heroic deeds of ‘Hanuman’ in the theaters. These days, it has run in theaters for 100 days, proving once again the power of Telugu cinema.


The film, directed by Prasanth Varma and produced by K Niranjan Reddy, has grossed over Rs 300 crore worldwide, creating new records.


If you ask who is the reason for this amazing success, then the producer along with the director is also there. K. Niranjan Reddy has produced this film prestigiously on Prime Show Entertainment and has stood as a hero behind the scenes. If he could predict this result even before the release of the film, it can be understood how much Niranjan Reddy has made this film with dedication.


It is clear that every frame in the film is shot with global level quality. He personally supervised and implemented the selection of the story. If you spend up to 65 crores on a film that was budgeted for 15 crores, you can understand how confidently the film was made. With the same confidence, the film was released on January 12, the Sankranti season. Everyone is saying that big heroes are in the Sankranti ring.. It’s a risk.. Even then.. They released it in theaters with a solid plan. What else, a film made like a sacrifice created a miracle. These days, it has not only created a record as a film that ran in theaters for a hundred days, but is also moving towards new records in collections. Film analysts are praising K. Niranjan Reddy, the real hero behind the scenes who made this possible.



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