REDMOND, Washington – In a remarkable debut, 13-year-old Shria Gaddam, a student at the International Community School (ICS) in Redmond, Washington, has secured two prestigious titles at the “Miss Teen India Washington 2023” pageant. Not stopping there, she also emerged victorious in the “Miss Teen India Philanthropy Universe 2023” category, showcasing her multifaceted talents and commitment.

Shria’s journey in the world of arts began at a tender age of five, where her flair for dance, acting, modeling, and music was evident. By the age of 6 and a half, she had already clinched the first prize in a talent show held at Disney World Resort, setting the stage for her future successes.

Her filmography boasts notable appearances in short films such as “Splintered Fear” (2019) and “Cedar Sequoia International” (2013). Moreover, Shria’s charisma has not gone unnoticed in the commercial world, as she has graced Amazon commercials with her talent and charm.

Beyond her accolades in the entertainment industry, Shria’s dedication to various dance forms, including Bharathanatyam, Bollywood, and hip-hop, reflects her relentless pursuit of excellence. However, her achievements aren’t just confined to her artistic endeavors. Shria’s genuine passion for helping others shines through, underscoring her aspiration to contribute positively to the world around her.

Commenting on her philosophy, Shria emphasizes that turning dreams into reality is less about magic and more about unwavering determination. She advocates for perseverance, asserting, “It doesn’t matter whether you walk or run, as long as you keep going.”

The young prodigy’s accomplishments have garnered admiration from many, including her proud parents, Swetha and Vijay Gaddam. As Shria prepares to represent Washington state in the upcoming Miss Teen India USA 2024 pageant, her community and supporters eagerly await to witness her continued ascent in the world of pageantry and beyond.

We extend our heartfelt wishes to Shria Gaddam and anticipate witnessing her future endeavors with great enthusiasm.




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