Eshwara Parameshwara Creations proudly presents ‘Premaku Jai,’ an upcoming cinematic endeavor helmed by director Srinivas Mallam. Delving into the narrative inspired by a true incident set against a rustic backdrop, the film introduces a fresh ensemble of budding talents.

Anil Buragani and R. Dubbaka Bhaskar deliver compelling performances, bringing depth to their antagonistic roles, while Jwalita graces the screen as the lead heroine. With post-production now wrapped up, audiences can anticipate the film’s grand release in the forthcoming New Year.

The recent unveiling of the film’s poster and teaser marked a significant milestone, with renowned lyricist Sivashakti Dutta doing the honors. Impressed by the young talent and the film’s direction, Dutta expressed his admiration, stating, “The emerging talents have showcased commendable prowess. The direction is exemplary, and this teaser captures the essence brilliantly. My best wishes to the entire film crew.”

In response, the leading heroines conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the directors for entrusting them with pivotal roles, underscoring their commitment to delivering memorable performances in ‘Premaku Jai.’

As anticipation builds, cinephiles and industry insiders alike await the release of ‘Premaku Jai,’ poised to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and stellar performances.

Hero & Heroine: Anil Buragani, R Jwalita
Directed by: Srinivas Mallam
Producer: Anasurya
Line Producer: Mylaram Raju,
DOP: Urukunda Reddy,
Music : Chaitu,
Editor: Samrat G,
Fights: Robin Subbu, Dynamic Madhu
Choreographer : Balu
PRO: Dayyala Ashok




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