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 In a recent address at the “Madigala Vishwarupa Mahasabha” in Hyderabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of yet another committee to address the issue of Scheduled Caste (SC) classification has drawn sharp criticism. Byri Venkatesham Mochi, the Founder President of the SC Upa Kulala Hakkula Porata Samithi Struggle Committee, expressed concern that this move appears to sidestep the pressing matter of SC classification.

Mochi emphasized that despite Telangana’s substantial Dalit population of 22 lakhs, the most backward sub-castes among Dalits are grappling with severe injustices in availing the benefits of reservation policies. A significant declaration was made at a meeting organized at the Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad, where Mochi advocated for the immediate classification of all 57 most backward Dalit sub-castes under the “A” category, with reservation percentages allocated based on population ratios.

The critique stems from the perceived evasion of the issue, given the prior Ushamehara Commission’s recommendations in 2008. The commission suggested amending Article 341 of the Constitution to classify SCs, focusing on the development of the 57 most backward sub-castes. Mochi accused successive governments of neglecting this report and criticized the current move to form another committee as redundant.

Referring to a 2020 ruling where the SC classification was delegated to state governments, Mochi highlighted a case filed by Madigas in the Supreme Court, seeking inclusion in category A. He stressed the adverse impact of the existing classification, which places certain sub-castes in disadvantageous categories, hindering their educational and societal progress.

Mochi further highlighted the plight of the 57 sub-castes, which, despite 75 years of independence, continue to face challenges such as lack of proper education, limited employment opportunities, and societal discrimination. He urged the government to address these issues promptly, warning of a potential “SC 57 sub-castes Vishwarupa Mahasabha” if their concerns are not heeded.

The declaration at the meeting included several demands:

  • Immediate SC classification, placing all 57 sub-castes in the “A” category with proportional reservation percentages.
  • Issuance of caste certificates by Tahsildar, not RDO, as per JV No. 11, 2014.
  • Conducting a census of SC castes.
  • Establishment of a special corporation for the comprehensive development of SC sub-castes with an immediate allocation of 2 thousand crores.
  • Designing special schemes for SC sub-caste development through SC ST Sub Plan Funds (SDF).
  • Conducting a government research institute survey to understand the social conditions and crafts of sub-castes.
  • Prioritizing SC sub-castes in government schemes like Dalit Bandhu, Double Bedroom Houses, and Grilahakshmi.
  • Admission of all sub-caste students to Government Gurukula Schools without entrance tests.
  • Allocation of at least one acre of land to sub-castes dependent on agriculture.
  • Ensuring equality with Mala and Madigalas in various corporation chairmen, nominated MLC, SC commission posts, as well as MLA and MP posts.
  • The fate of these demands remains uncertain, highlighting the ongoing struggle for the rights and recognition of the 57 most backward Dalit sub-castes in the state.








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