▪️ Tricolor flag of India flutters in USA
▪️ Telugu association ‘MATA’ participated in ‘IBA – India Day Parade’
▪️ ‘MATA’ is buzzing with costumes of Mother India and freedom fighters

(Swathi, From New Jersey):

New Jersey: In a powerful display of unity and patriotism, the Indian Business Association (IBA) orchestrated a splendid India Day Parade to commemorate India’s 77th Independence Day. This event, which took place on the iconic Oaktree Road, New Jersey, witnessed a heartwarming show of enthusiasm, national pride, and cultural diversity. The American Telugu Association, in collaboration with expatriate Indians, painted the town red as they waved their national flags high and chanted resounding cheers for Mother India. The event was graced by the presence of the illustrious actress, Tamannaah Bhatia, who served as the esteemed chief guest.

Decked out in vibrant attire depicting Mother India and revered freedom fighters, members of the American Telugu Association radiated a contagious spirit of reverence and patriotism. With spirited performances, engaging games, and captivating music, they truly embodied the essence of the occasion. The rhythm of drums, the melody of traditional instruments, and soulful renditions of culturally rich songs from Telangana reverberated through the air, further enhancing the sense of unity and celebration.

The parade not only encompassed a mesmerizing procession featuring colossal national flags but also encompassed captivating shakats, embodying the essence of Indian traditions. The streets of New Jersey were transformed into a tapestry of colors as expatriate Indians greeted each other with warm wishes for a Happy Independence Day. The grand event witnessed the American Telugu Association’s debut participation in such Indian independence celebrations on American soil, with ‘Mana American Telugu Association’ (MATA) at the helm.

Srinivas Ganagoni, the founder president of ‘MATA’, extended his heartfelt wishes to fellow expatriates and all Indians on the monumental occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day. He fervently urged his fellow countrymen living abroad to honor the debt owed to the motherland by contributing positively to its growth and progress. ‘MATA’ prides itself on its dual presence, both in the USA and India, underlining their commitment to connecting the two nations through their multifaceted programs.

Joining hands in this remarkable celebration were key figures such as ‘MATA’ ED Kiran Duddagi, (ED) Treasurer Gangadhar Vuppala (Treasurer), IVP Sridhar Gudala (IVP), RVP Mallik Reddy, SC Ranga Madishetti, RVP Krishna Siddada, Regional Vice President, who all lent their fervor to the spirited independence celebrations.

The India Day Parade left an indelible mark, reaffirming the undying bond of the Indian diaspora with their homeland, while also showcasing the vibrant cultural tapestry that characterizes the Indian-American community.







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