A suspense movie called “Priyamaina Priya” has come before the Telugu audience. “Priyamaina Priya” is a suspense thriller movie directed by A J Sujith starring Ashok Kumar and Leisha Eclairs under Golden Glory banner. Produced by J. Sujith and A Babu, this film was released in theaters on August 4th by Mana Screen Max Distribution Company. Let’s see how this movie fares in Evalty’s review report.

Priya (Leesha Eclairs) works as a radio jockey in Radio Mirchi. Runs a successful program called “Priyamaina Priya”. Markendeya (Ashok Kumar), an orphaned taxi driver, becomes extremely fond of Priya’s words in this program. Priya’s life will be in danger as the love gets too much. Love brings life. Why is he so admired? What are the consequences for Priya in the end? You have to go to the theater to see it.

Actors Talent:
The whole movie revolves around Leesha Eclairs who played the role of heroine Priya. Her acting is really super. As a radio jockey, he showed a lot of performance. Emotions are also cultivated. Ashok Kumar who played another lead role also impressed with his acting. He made a new experiment by playing both the hero and the villain in the same role and became successful. The rest of the characters are fine.

Technical Team:
It can be said that Srikanth Deva’s music is a plus point for this movie. Srikanth Deva, son of noted music director Deva, has composed the music. The film is Srikanth Deva’s 100th film as a music director. Visuals are also good. Good marks can also be given to ‘Shaw’ by DOP. Written by S. Mohan Kumar told some life principles here and there. In terms of editing, it doesn’t matter. It is clear that the producers J. Sujith and A. Babu did not compromise in the production of the film.

The film “Priyamudan Priya” which hit the screens in Tamil.. was released in Telugu with the title “Priyamaina Priya”. It can be said that the screenplay is a plus point of the movie. The director was successful in showing the story he had written on the screen. Though the comedy is a little less, the thrilling scenes are a plus for the movie. In the final words.. this movie can be seen by all categories of audience.

Rating: 3.25 /5








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