Dharani Portal Causes Digital Disaster and Anger Among Thousands in Telangana, Congress Launches Campaign to Address Grievances.

In a scathing review of the Telangana government’s Dharani portal, Congress leaders have criticized the faulty implementation of the land record digitization system. Describing it as a “digital disaster,” they note that the portal’s shortcomings have left thousands of petitioners waiting for resolution of their problems, causing financial losses and uncertainty.

The leaders point out the irony of such a failure in a state that boasts Hyderabad as the IT hub of India, where international software and computer companies invest heavily. However, they also note that this progress has not translated into significant capacity development of the state, and locals have not benefited from the strides made by Hyderabad.

The Dharani portal, in particular, has been a significant source of grievances, with over a million people affected by mistakes and manipulation. While the government has taken steps to address the issues, affected people remain angry, and the Congress has formed a committee to gather complaints and register grievances about the portal.

As the state heads towards Assembly elections in November 2023, the Telangana government has been forced to confront the issue, and the Congress hopes that their efforts will reveal the full extent of the problems with the Dharani portal.

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