Movie: Mr. Kalyan
Release: March 10, 2023
Presents: Ms. Ushasree
Banner: Sri Dattatreya Creations
Actors: Krishna Manyam, Archana, Saptagiri, Dhanraj, Taghubothu Ramesh, Raj Vara and others.
Music: Sukku
Cinematography: Nanaji. MV Gopi
Editor: Vinod Advai
Dance: Anish
Fights: Mallesh
Director: Fruit
Producer: N. V. Subbareddy

‘Mr. Kalyan’ is the first time call boy story in Telugu. Manyam Krishna and Archana acted as hero and heroine in this film which was made as a family, love and youth full entertainer. The film hit the screens on March 10. Pandu made his debut as a director with this movie. Did the audience like this experimental subject produced by producer Subbareddy? Let’s find out how the movie is in the review.

Kalyan works as a call boy in Vizag city and earns money. Kalyan manages carefully without knowing his parents and his lover Sarika that he is Working as a call boy. In the same city, a man named Chappelruns a call boys office with some boys as a team. Knowing that Kalyanis blocking their business, Chappal forces Kalyan to join his team. Kalyan does not agree to that, Even ifit hurts Chappal’s ego, he tries to damage Kalyan image. During that attempt, Chappal knows about Kalyan’s lover Sarika., Sarika catches Kalyan red-handed because of chappal.. How did Sarika react when she found out that Kalyan was a call boy? Did she continue her love relationship with Kalyan or did she break up? What were the conditions that Kalyan faced after that? Why did Kalyan become a call bov? If you want to know such things, you have to watch Mr. Kalyan’s movie.

Manyam Krishna’s performance in the pivotal role of Kalyan in the film is the highlight of the film. Emotions, fights, acting… he showed talent in all. It can be said that he will have a good career as he has done this range of acting in his first movie. seems to have found a super action hero for our Telugu cinema if the directors use it properly. And Saptagiri laughs with his own comedy timing. Dhanraj and Bobby who played the right hand and left hand roles of Saptagiri will please the audience by acting well in their roles. And the heroine Archana.. has acted very well in the role of Sarika. The acting of the rest of the characters is okay.

There have been many movies in Telugu about female prostitutes, but ‘Mr. Kalyan’, which is about a male prostitutes, can be said to be an experiment in Telugu cinema. The entire first half of this movie is entertaining. Saptagiri laughs with his comedic timing. Dhanraj and Bobby who played the right hand and left hand roles of Saptagiri will please the audience by acting well in their roles. And the heroine Archana.. has acted very well in the role of Sarika. The interval twist is good and makes you wonder what will happen next. The way the second half shows human emotions, relationships and their values connects well with the audience.

The subject got Good Quality. Build values are good. Producer N.V. It is understood that Mr. Kalyan has produced the film without compromising on the cost of SubbaReddy.

Although it is director Pandiku’s first movie, he has staged the movie like an experienced director. Also the way all the characters are portrayed is good. He was successful in showing the stories he had written on the screen. It can be said that music director Sukumar stood as the main pillar of this movie. Sukku performed well in all 5 songs. It can be said that the background score is a plus point of the movie. And Nanaji and MV Gopi’s work in showing the visuals is super. They took the movie to another level with their camera work. Although director Pandu, cameramen Nanaji, MV Gopi and music director Sukumar Kothavalle are experienced technicians, they have made this movie stand. Editor Vinod Advai’s film work is good. Fights are also good. The four fights composed by the master Shavalinn Mallesh are perfect. And 4 songs were shot in different locations and impressed with the quality. Anish’s master choreography is also a plus for the film.

Along with entertainment, emotions, values and message are good in this movie. There are many elements in this movie that appeal not only to the youth of this generation but also to people of all walks of life. So.. everyone can say that it is a movie worth watching. Finally.. Mr. Kalyan gave a good message.





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