Release: Date: 11-11-2022
Banner: Cineamor Concepts
Hero: Anirudh Sameer (Varun)
Heroine: Aishwarya (Vaishnavi)
Second Hero: Mahesh Yadlapalli (Karthik)
Johnny Naidu, Bujji, etc
Executive Producer – Vivek Kavati
Editor – Sai Bharadwaj Vipparthi
Dialogues – Rayudu Bandi
DOP – OM S Bharadwaj
Music – Bharat Dhanasekhar
Director – Vinay Muppalla

Another youth full love story movie in Telugu has come before the audience. The movie Kaadal Kahani was released on November 11 under the banner of Cineamar Concept. And let’s find out how this movie is in the review report.

Varun (Anirudh Sameer) is happily enjoying life. He has a best friend named Swaroop (Johnny Naidu). Varun wants to become a film director. He tries for that. Meanwhile, a girl named Vaishnavi (Aishwarya) comes to their street. As the area is new to them, Varun helps them. Meanwhile, Karthik comes to rent Vaishnavi’s penthouse. Knowing that, Vaishnavi asks her mother (Rama) to evacuate her from the house. At one point, Rama suffers a heart attack and Karthik immediately takes Rama to the hospital and saves her. With that, a friendship is formed between Karthik and Vaishnavi. Finally, Varun thinks that he will tell about his love on Vaishnavi’s birthday. But on the same day Varun will tell before Karthik. Will Vaishnavi accept Karthik’s love? The story of the movie is what decision Varun takes.

Anirudh Sameer played the role of Varun and Aishwarya played the role of Vaishnavi. Mahesh also impresses the audience with his performance as Karthik. The rest of the characters are also fine.

This is a film targeting the youth audience. Triangle love stories are usually seen in the society. This movie with such a subject makes the youth emotional at one stage. Director Vinay Muppalla has succeeded in making the film to appeal to the youth. It does not seem like a movie made by newcomers. The songs of this movie are also entertaining. Overall this movie will be liked by the audience of this generation.

Rating:  3 / 5

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