Cast: Pruthvi Shekar, Sabina Jasmin, Madhu Nambiar, Raja Ravindra, Sayaji Shinde, Devgill, Jeeva, Sanjana Naidu and Shubangi Pant
Director : Ramesh Rana
Music : Raprock Shakeel
Produced by : Subhani Abdul

Rating: 3.25 /5

The film opens with Haragopal, an officer of Archeology department terrified and hounded with persistent dreams. The repetitive dream strikes a chord of his past life that relate to a kingdom and the hidden treasure. Worried by the news, Ravindra conveys a meeting of all his officers and tells them to find a clue to get the facts correct. Haragopal correlates these discussions with the haunting dream and asks for a chance to explore the search, retrieve it and hand it over to the government of India. He sets out to meet his good friend Surya- Police Officer played by Dev Gill who suggests him to meet a Swamiji living at an Ashram in an unknown location. He begins his journey to Ashram travelling many miles and finally gets to identify the ashram. He meets Shivananda swamy there and describes his travails and pleads for a solution. He is shocked when Swamiji divulges his past and the reasons for his disturbed life. He also guides how he should go about in the pursuit of identifying the hidden treasure from the kingdom with the divine powers of Swamji. He also gives a key solution that in the midst of the journey, he would come across few people who could play an important part of his team to reach the place where the hidden treasure exists.
A pleased Hargopal on his way back accidently meets an young wayward man Raju (played by Pruthvi) who he identifies as an able tool to accomplish his mission. The bond between the two develops closely as that of a father and son. As the story progresses he comes across Riya ( Sabina Jasmin) , Dr Sulochana ( Shubangi Pant) , Ruby (Sanjana Naidu) in different situations. How he engages them in his task forms the crux of the story though on other hand, Raja Ravindra expresses his displeasure with Hargopal’s plan and disapproves of his plans & journey to unearth hidden treasure.
The second half of the movie illustrates how Hargopal starts out on his mission along with his team and the troubles faced by the them during their journey through rough terrains and struggles in the forests. They reach the fort and enter in it with meticulous planning, and bring the treasure out from the evil soul of Rudraraju (S.kumaraswamy), Rajaguru (Jeeva) and Dandanayaka (Pruthvi). The climax part forms how the plans of Dogra( Apsar) and Surya are foiled and the treasure handed over to government.
Analysis:- The film has elements of uncertainty and confusion and the director has made all efforts to sustain the suspense till the last scene. The fight sequences are breath-taking and Hero Pruthvi Shekar has brilliantly displayed his acrobatic skills which is a major asset to this film. Songs are beautifully composed and back ground score composed by Raprock Shakeel is the main strength of the film.

Gandharwa and Seetharamam fame Madhu Nambiar has carried the film on his shoulders and is well supported by Sayaji Shinde, Raja Ravindra, Jeeva and Devgill. Pruthvi has put up a stellar performance in fights and dance sequence while Sabina Jasmin has played her part well as a love interest of Pruthvi. Sanjana Naidu and Shubangi Pant have also done a decent job though the actress did not have much scope to show their performance.
On the flip side, the screen play could have been much better as there were many loose ends in the second half. The director who is making his debut with this film seemed to have lost track of the seriousness during the climax stages which could be a setback for the audience.

Strengths of the movie:-

Main actors performance
Gripping story
Fights and Songs
Back ground music


Illogical scenes
Art department work

 Music Director Rap Rock Shakeel
 Singers Rahul Sipligunj,Geeta Madhuri, Neha Honey & Shakeel
 Lyricists Apsar, Bhasya Sri, Vishnu
 DOP Srinivas Sabbi
 Fights Shaolin Mahesh, Kung Fu Shekhar
 Chief Associate Director Mendem Sreedhar
 Asst. Directors Ramu & Balachandra
 Editor Lucky Ekari
 Direction Ramesh Rana
 Costume Designer Snehalatha
 Publicity Designer A Kishore Babu
 Producer Subhani Abdul
 Banner S & M Creations
 Presented By Action Group of Companies

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