Title : ‘Darja’
Starring: Sunil, Anasuya Bhardwaj, Shafi, Amani, ’30’ Years Prithvi, Aksa Khan, Shammu, ‘Shakalaka’ Shankar, ‘Mirchi’ Hemant, ‘Chhatrapati’ Shekhar, ‘Shaking’ Seshu, ‘Jabardast’ Nagireddy, Sameer etc.
Story: Nazir
Dialogues: P. Rajendra Kumar, Nazir, Bhavani Prasad
Cinematography: Darshan
Music: Rap Rock Shakeel
Producer: Siva Shankar Paidipati
Screenplay, Direction: Salim Malik
Release Date: July 22, 2022

Anasuya Bharadwaj has earned a special identity for herself by doing full energetic shows on the big screen and shining on the big screen as well. Apart from anchoring, he is gaining recognition in these films as well. The latest film of this beauty is ‘Darja’. Sunil acted in a key role. With the release of the film in the combination of Anasuya and Sunil, the audience became interested in this film. Produced by Sivashankar Paidipati and executive producer Ravi Paidipati, the film’s promotional films, directed by Salim Malik, have already received a good response. Apart from that, as the promotions were also done in a grand manner, the interest in ‘Darja’ increased. Let’s find out how the Darja movie, which has become a hot topic and has been released in front of the audience recently (on July 22) amid many expectations, is in Evalty’s review report.

Liquor and illegal businesses are run by mafia queen Kanakam alias Kanaka Mahalakshmi (Anasuya Bharadwaj) in the port area. Kanakam targets the police officers and the common people who try to face the irregularities and injustices. Along with her, her brother Bellari (Sameer) commits atrocities on the girls. Kanakam and Bellari plan to forcibly marry a girl named Pushpa. But Pushpa already gives her heart to another boy named Ranga. Ranga gets killed in unexpected circumstances? In such situations, a hardened police officer Shankar (Sunil) steps into the field.

How did the police officer Ravi (Ravi Paidipati) become strong when he faced Kanakam Agendas? Who killed Ranga? What is the link between inspector Ravi and the police officer in the story? Shankar is posted to the port area for what purpose? Did Shankar put a check on Kanakam Agadas? Who put an end to Bellary Agendas? Has mafia queen Kanakam put an end to illegal businesses? What is the end of Kanakam’s character? The story of Darja movie is the answer to these questions..

Actors Performances:
It can be said that this movie is a special attraction of Anasuya. Anasuya, who impressed with her performance as Rangammatta in ‘Pushpa’ and as Dakshayan in ‘Pushpa’. Anasuya was overcome by Bandaru Kanakanga. Her dialogue delivery and acting are very fresh. And Sunil has played the role of powerful SS Shankar. Action scenes were done. Arun Varma impressed with his performance as the mute Ganesh. Sameer as Kanakam’s younger brother Bellari, Veerababu as driver Jatka, Ravi Pidipati as SS Ravi along with Amani, Shaking Seshu, Shakalaka Shankar and others have impressed with their roles.

Producers Sivashankar Paidipati and Executive Producer Ravi Paidipati have screened this movie with commercial values. Producers can give full marks in terms of production even though it is a new movie. In this movie, which is a full-fledged lady oriented movie, a young lady who solved many problems in a town.. How did she become a problem for the people after growing up? What happened in the final? Anede This movie is a fiction and action entertainer as the main story. In this film, there is the sentiment of brothers, mother and son, sister and sister along with desirable action and commercial values. The way the director has made this whole story as a discussion between the SS and the constable, who are new to Bandar, is good. The story starts with powerful dialogues and action scene by Essie Ravi.

As long as Anasuya is there, every scene is thrilling. On the one hand Kanakam shows the brutality of anarchy. On the other hand, the way of telling the love story of Ganesh and Pushpal is good. Although Ranga (Shammu) and Geetha (Aksa Khan) comedy scenes in the middle are laughs, the whole story feels slow. With the entry of Sunil in the interval bang, the interest in the second half will increase. The scenes between Sunil and Anasuya in the second half are impressive. Anasuya’s warning to Sunil at the police station and the fight scenes of Sunil in the pre-climax are special attractions of this movie. The director was successful in getting what he wanted from the new actors as well. He gave due importance to each role.

Technical Performance:
The main strength of this movie is commercial values. Producers Sivashankar Paidipati and executive producer Ravi Paidipati.. first wanted to make this movie with a small budget. After Sunil and Anasuya were okay.. the output was coming amazing.. they kept on increasing the budget. If we thought of two fights first, then we did four fights, the shooting of 8 days was supposed to be 18 days, like Ramoji Film City, outdoor shootings, everything was spent heavily. After seeing the quality and output.. there was no hesitation about the budget. Although this is the first film for the producers, they have not lost any effort to give a good quality film to the audience in terms of production. It can be said that the production values ​​are up to the standard of the film. Another plus point of the movie is the rap rock Shakeel’s music. He brought some scenes to life with his own background music. Aksa Khan’s special song hit the screen. It can be said that Darshan’s cinematography is super. Editor MR. Varma made it perfect.

Although there are many characters in the story.. Director Salim Malik has made the story run without any obstacles. Even though it is a routine story, the story is impressive. To be final
You can go and watch this movie as ‘Darja’ for Anasuya acting as a Dawn Lady and Sunil as a Powerful Policeman.

Rating: 3.25/5

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