Romantic love and crime thriller themes will appeal to the youth of this generation. In the same vein the investigative crime thriller with the latest Romantic Love has pushed the audience. The movie ‘Case 30’ was recently released (April 1) starring Siddharth Naidu, Shamili Unail, and Tanvi Gawade in the lead roles. Find out how this crime thriller movie,  produced by P. Narasimha Rao and Boda Radhakrishna, directed by Sandeep Paidimarri, Yuvasai Creations at the PNR Film Factory presentation.

The film is based on the murder of a girl named Shweta. Authorities have assigned Vizag City Inspector Arjun Bardwaj to investigate a white man’s murder that took place in a house at night. This is his 30th case. In the process of un-threading the case, Arjun did not get a single clue at the crime spot. White interrogates her boyfriend Cyril and collects little information. He researched in depth to find out who killed White with that information. However, while handling the case unfortunately, his past memories come to mind. He is very emotional, depressed. He thinks of his girlfriend ’. Then the flashback wraps up, his love track with Eternity, where he meets a relationship with someone else. Flashback ends. As the case unfolds, Arjun interrogates some of the suspects. He began by describing the suspects’ information on some of his past events. To his surprise, he got clues on the white murder case while interlinking those events with scenes described by the suspects. The rest of the story is how Arjun solves this case? What clues did he get? Who is accused of killing White? Why was she killed? The story goes on giving twists to the questions.

Hero Siddharth Naidu wrote this story in a very gripping way. Hero Siddharth Naidu – Director Sandeep are both own brothers. Directed very well with no experience. Dialogues are plus points for a movie. Dialogue writer Bharat is used wisely. The screenplay is a power play from the beginning to the end of the movie. 3 songs are great. The background score is another highlight of the movie. The editing work is well done. In particular, the production quality was rich. Both the heroines .. Shamili Unial & Tanvi Gawade both gave high performances. Actress Jyoti Labala appears in the film in a different characterization. The second half of the movie is very gripping. The director sat without an audience until the end card. He handled all the newcomers well, where I can say that he succeeded in impressing the audience without getting the feeling that it was a low budget Movie.

Rating 3.5 / 5

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