Bari is a drama film directed by Suresh Reddy Akkala. Casting : Raju, Sahana, Naga Mahesh, Bus Stop Koteshwar Rao,Krishna,Suneetha Manohar,Kavitha,M Arun Kumar,Jai Bharah Reddy etc., Producers : Munikrishna C.V & Geetha Krishna. Recently, the film relised. Let’s find out how this movie is doing so far in the Review report.

This is a village background story.The story unfolds in the context of key developments around the Cockfights. Cockfights are a hobby for a young man in the village. One day he finds a gamecock. One day all of a sudden that gamecock will be missed. Problems start for his family. His sister’s marriage is at risk. And can he find that gamecock ?. Will he solve his family problems? That’s the rest of the story.

Acting Performance
With this movie, the hero and heroine were introduced to the silver screen. The couple looked like they had a lot of experience. Hero King gave a very good performance without getting anywhere feeling like a first movie. The heroine Sahana Tulsi impressed in the role. Actor Nagmahesh played the role of Kodikatti Seenu. He Appears in a negative role.

Technical Team
The film is technically at a high standard. It is understood that the film was made without compromising anywhere. It has 4 songs. The music provided by Mahavir is a plus point for the film. we give full marks to Anil Kumar Reddy cinematography. Editing by Srikrishna Attaluri is not a problem. Bala Narasimha choreography is good.

With the title Bari, one can understand how powerful the film is. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Many scenes in the film are emotional. For the first time, director Suresh Reddy’s approach to Achchatelugu Village backdrop locations is super. The areas of Repalle, Bapatla and Tenali where the shooting took place look very beautiful Locations. Each character in the film is portrayed in a very natural way. The hard work of the director is evident in every love. With this, I can say that this movie entertains everyone.

Rating: 3/5




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