Another feel good movie is coming to the Telugu screen. Amateur Telugu NRIs are all set to release the film ‘Americalo Manam’ shot in America. The film unit has announced that it will be releasing on the OTT platform. The film is directed by Sairam Palle and produced by Avantika Nakshatra. It stars Swathi Reddy, Sairam Palle, Ashwin Nalla, Chaitanya Sairam, Harsha Kiran, Shweta Shankar, Divya Ravella, Sri Mirajkar, Garima and others.

The songs of this movie which was recently released through Madhura Audio have become a super hit. Are trending on social media. The five wonderful songs are composed by Praneeth Music and Karthik Kodakandla. Praneeth Music also provided nice background music. Sri Krishna Vishnubotla sang while Praneeth wrote and composed the title song ‘Manam in America’. Aluperangani Parigullona .. The song was sung by Raghukula Tilak Rayanga, Pavani Vasa and Tarun Donipati and the music was provided by Karthik Kodakandla. NRI singers Tarun Donipati, Kashyap Venthurupalli, Ananya Penugonda and Karthik Jayanthi sang with their amazing voices.

Director Sairam Palle said the film was shot in beautiful locations in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Already released on Amazon Prime, the hit American “Cocktail Diaries” web series is now ready to entertain everyone in the Telugu states as a movie with some changes and new songs titled “America In Us”. Producer Avantika Nakshatra said that the five songs in the film are ready to entertain everyone through “Madhura Audio”. He said that the film will be released on OTT platforms very soon. Already hitting a musical hit, the hot topic now is the range at which the film is going to entertain the audience.

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