Demand for suspense thriller movies is on the rise. Movies in this genre are very successful if they are screened to suit the taste of the audience. Thus, the film ‘Director’ was the first film to entertain the audience as a suspense thriller. Ashish Gandhi, who made a name for himself as an actor with his NATYAM Movie, played the hero. The film was produced by Dr. Nagam Tirupati Reddy under the banner of Vision Cinemas. Producer Nagam Tirupati Reddy played a key role. Directed by duo Kiran Ponnada and Karthik Krishna, the film has just been released. Let’s see how this movie is in the Today Review report so far.

Ashish Gandhi played the lead role of ‘D’. He is a film director. He tells his own stories to those who find him. He accidentally gets into an accident. His life takes a big turn. What happened before and after the accident? How does he see things that no one else sees? The story runs on what he sees.

Ashish Gandhi, who played the role of director, did justice to his role. Aishwarya Raj Bhakti, who played the role of Kavya, Antar Routh, who played the role of Sneha, and Myrina Singh, who played the role of Ramya. Zabardast Apparao, Karthik, R.K. Starred in other roles. You can not see what I can see .. The story of this film goes on in suspense with the interesting dialogues that the director says. The film was directed by two directors. Directors Kiran Ponnada and Karthik Krishna have been successful in differentiating the film. The directorial duo did an innovative experiment with a different screenplay. Although it is a bit of a comedy in the first half, the suspense in the second half is even greater. The movie goes on with many twists. The film manages to thrill the audience with its unexpected twists and turns.

Sai Karthik has composed music for many super hit movies like Raja The Great, Patas, Supreme. The music helped a lot for this suspense thriller. B. Nageshwar Reddy Editing is not over. Cinematography Aditya Vardin’s performance is good. Every visual looks beautiful and neat.

Finally … as the tagline says “I can see you can’t see”. But the movie can be seen by all types audience.

Rating 3/5

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