New York (Media Boss Network):

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan’s birthday was celebrated in an unforgettable and grand manner by his NRI fans. A captivating film series dedicated to Pawan Kalyan was showcased at the iconic Times Square in New York City, USA. This extraordinary event was organized by enthusiastic Pawan Kalyan supporters residing in the United States to commemorate the Power Star’s special day.

NRI fans had the privilege of watching Pawan Kalyan’s film series on the colossal screen at Times Square, measuring an impressive 150 feet in height and 100 feet in width. From September 1 to September 2, a spectacular 15-second display took place every 10 minutes, leaving the audience in awe. In the midst of this cinematic celebration, devoted fans of the Power Star came together to cut a birthday cake, rejoicing in the occasion.

During this remarkable gathering, Team Janasena Party USA leaders conveyed their heartfelt birthday wishes to the Power Star directly from the heart of New York’s Times Square. They passionately expressed their belief that Pawan Kalyan is the rightful leader for the future of Andhra Pradesh and pledged to work tirelessly to see their favorite actor ascend to the position of Chief Minister. Gopikrishna Gurram, who celebrated Pawan Kalyan’s birthday for the first time at New York’s Times Square, was joined by dedicated supporters including Ravi Ambati, Vamsi Kuralleti, Ravi Teja Ramishetti, and many others from the Youth Department in New Jersey. This event was a testament to the global reach and adoration that Pawan Kalyan commands among his ardent followers.





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