Cast : Allu Vamsi, Iti Acharya, Sujitha, Yogi Kathri, Kumar Sai & Rubina
Director : N.S.Murthy
Cinematogrphy : K. Bujji
Music : G J Karthikeyan
Production : Dhansri Arts

Allu Vamsi and Ithi Acharya in the lead roles, the film directed by NS Murthy is ‘Pasivadi Pranam’. Allu Vamsi, Ithi Acharya, Sujitha, Yogi Katri, Kumar Sai & Rubina played key roles. Let’s find out in the review report how this movie which was released in theaters on December 16.

Raviraj(Yogi Kathri) burries his wife Poorna (Sujitha) body in the back yard and the house is haunted and Raviraj leaves abandons the house. Chakri(Allu Vamsi) and his petty gang thieves were lured to stay in a haunted house for four nights by a contract agent Amala (Iti Acharya). Once they entered the house, things start happening very fast and particularly bujji(kumar sai) is targeted by the ghost. As the nights pass, Amala is in search of missing diamonds and the gang experience the ghost movements and are frightened.
While attempting to find the ghost, Chakri and gang comes to know why the ghost is frightening people coming to the house. There after the story is whether Chakri succeeds in finding the missing diamonds and fulfils the ghost wish or not is to be seen on the big screen.

Director N.S.Murthy brings in an adrenaline raising, comedy filled movie to the big screen with a fresh concept and feel. Opening with a burial act straight away takes the spectators to the intent of the movie. Then the three petty thieves’ gang play a bit of cameo for some time and then comes the Heroine luring and blackmailing the gang to accept her terms and conditions to stay in the haunted house. Kumar sai as Bujji is a nice fit to his comedy and was quite with his seamless action with teddy bear Mocap character.
After a few scenes, we were convinced that the movie is lagging the impact excepting for some ghost movements and day time comedy snippets, the twist turns the movie a bit interesting. On the final night of stay, determined to find the ghost, gang stumbles upon the biggest secret of the house. This unexpected turn makes the spectators to hook back to the seat at the intermission.

The real gripping story of mother and baby bond starts soon after the intermission which had the 2D baby character quite appealing. The one actor that really gave an extraordinary show was Sujitha as Poorna. By the end of flash back, we are convinced that she was very effective in her role and the 2D baby was an added essence.
at 129 minutes, this film is fairly long. There were a few times in the first half when the movie felt a bit drawn out, but the gorgeous performance scenes and impressive dialogue really held the audience’s attention and kept them stuck to their seats. As the climax approached, it was quick and crisp and quite interesting twist brings the end note.
Despite the films minor shortcomings, Pasivadi Pranam is exciting, creative, and is worth a watch.

– Story and the way graphic characters used in story progress.
– Screenplay is quite good for a debutant.
– Cinematography is good.
– Motioncapture and graphics need to be appreciated for the budjet.
– Three songs including the title song are good.
– Intermission bang.
– First half could have been trimmed to avoid lags.
– VFX effects could have been better in parts.
– Aisalaka song on screen incomplete.


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