International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21 and various events are held around the world to better explain the importance of this practice. In India, yoga emerged as an art of living a healthy life. With the Covid:19 pandemic, people started focusing more on their health and around the world, and the importance and awareness of yoga increased.

Although yoga is an extremely healthy way of life, there are a few things you need to know before beginning. Take a look at these tips that can be very useful for Yoga.

Yoga is typically thought to be best done before sunrise, but you should perform it whenever you are free and comfortable. Keep in mind that you should be available on all seven days of the week at the time you choose. Daily yoga practice keeps vitality in the body and can be extremely advantageous.

As crucial as choosing the perfect time to practice yoga is choosing the ideal setting. Yoga requires a clean and sanitary setting. Choose a location with a quiet ambience and easy access to clean and fresh air. Choose a location for yoga practice ahead of time.

Yoga on Empty Stomach

Yoga is best done in the morning. Yoga is particularly useful for health when done on an empty stomach in the morning. However, if this is not achievable regularly, a 3–4-hour interval between eating and yoga is required.

It is essential to wear appropriate clothing while practicing yoga. Wear loose and comfortable clothes, for tight clothing also raises the danger of cramping and damaging garments.
If you are just beginning out with yoga, bear in mind that it requires patience and moderation. Each person’s capability is unique. Avoid putting too much strain on the body when doing yoga.


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