Telugu American Telangana Association (TTA) to Host Mega Convention in Seattle, USA

Seattle Prepares for Spectacular Telugu Cultural Extravaganza: TTA Convention Scheduled for May

The Telangana American Telugu Association (TTA) is set to mark a significant milestone with its upcoming TTA Mega Convention, slated to take place from May 24th to May 26th at the prestigious Seattle Convention Center.

Under the stewardship of TTA President, Vamsi Reddy Kancharakuntla, the organization is gearing up for an unparalleled celebration of Telugu culture. Building upon the esteemed legacy of TTA founder Dr. Payla Mallareddy, advisory council chair Dr. Vijayapal Reddy, Cochair Dr. Mohan Reddy Patalolla, and member Bharat Reddy Madadila, Kancharakuntla expressed his commitment to upholding their rich heritage.

Highlights of the Convention:

This convention promises to be a unifying platform for the entire Indian community, featuring a special program dedicated to their welfare. Notably, the convention will include the auspicious performance of Sitaram’s welfare by pundits from Bhadrachalam, adding a spiritual dimension to the event.

Recognizing Seattle as the “cloud capital,” the convention will honor entrepreneurs and IT leaders, showcasing their contributions to the industry.

Anticipated to draw luminaries from the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the convention is poised to host distinguished guests and dignitaries.

An exclusive TTA souvenir will be unveiled during the convention, with papers solicited for publication.

In a nod to the vibrant Telugu film industry, a short film contest was organized, with accolades to be presented by Tollywood celebrities to the best entries.

Further information regarding the convention will be disseminated through TTA’s social media platforms and its official website,

Fundraising and Kick-off Events:

In anticipation of the mega convention, fundraising efforts are already in full swing, with TTA chapters spanning 32 states actively engaged in organizing kick-off events.

President Vamsi Reddy Kancharakuntla expressed satisfaction with the enthusiastic response received thus far, underscoring the community’s eagerness to participate.

Executive Committee Spearheading the Initiative:

The TTA executive committee, comprising dedicated individuals, is spearheading the organizational efforts for the convention. Among them, TTA President-Elect Naveen Reddy Mallipeddi, Convener Chandrasena Sriramoju, General Secretary Kavita Reddy, Treasurer Sahodar Peddireddy, Executive Director Dr. Diwakar Jandhyam, and others are actively involved in ensuring the success of the mega event.

With meticulous planning and a steadfast commitment to showcasing Telugu culture, the TTA Mega Convention promises to be an unforgettable celebration of heritage and community spirit.



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