The Telangana Development Forum (TDF) has taken a significant step towards improving hygiene in government schools under its “Mana Telangana Badi (MTB)” project. The forum provided financial aid to seven schools in Maldakal Mandal, Gadwal district, specifically for hiring scavengers to maintain clean and hygienic toilets for students.

This initiative was spearheaded by Mr. Srinivas Manikonda, Chair of the MTB program from the Bay Area, California, and Dr. Thota Ganesh, MTB program Chair from Atlanta, GA. Financial support was provided by TDF-USA.

TDF India President, Mr. Matta Rajeshwar Reddy, visited the schools to understand the situation and offer additional support. He was accompanied by TDF India General Secretary, Mr. A. Vinil, and a team of volunteers.

During the visit to ZPHS Amaravai, Maldakal Mandal, it was revealed that the school, designated as a “Complex School,” mentors 17 other primary schools in the area. While the school boasts well-developed infrastructure, including modern classrooms, a water plant, computer lab, science lab, and digital connectivity, it faces a shortage of scavengers to maintain hygiene in the toilets.

Recognizing this critical issue, Mr. Reddy assured the school staff that TDF would highlight the problem in its education report, urging the Telangana government to take necessary action.

The school staff also requested a modern mobile science lab/library to serve all 18 schools under the “Complex School” concept.

For the past eight years, TDF has actively supported various schools in Telangana through the MTB project. This year, the forum has expanded its efforts to include providing support for the maintenance of clean and hygienic toilets by hiring scavengers.

TDF emphasizes the importance of these resources, highlighting that they are crucial for creating an environment conducive to learning and student success. The forum urges the Telangana government to ensure the availability of scavengers in all government schools to maintain healthy and hygienic toilet facilities.


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