In a proactive effort to combat drug abuse among village youth, the Telangana Development Forum (TDF), in collaboration with TDF – Canada and TS-NAB (Anti-Narcotics Bureau of Telangana), has initiated an “Anti-Drugs Awareness Cricket Tournament” for the youth of Siricilla district.

The aim of these cricket matches is not only to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse but also to encourage participation in sports, arts, and cultural activities among rural youth.

The inauguration ceremony of the cricket league took place today at Mandepally village, Thangalapally Mandal, Siricilla district, Telangana. TDF Canada member Vikram and TDF India president Matta Rajeshwar Reddy inaugurated the event.

President Matta Rajeshwar Reddy emphasized the TDF’s commitment to making Telangana a drug-free state through initiatives like the TDF Arogyaseva project. He highlighted the importance of organizing sports and cultural programs to engage the youth positively.

Vikram, representing TDF Canada, interacted with the cricket players, stressing TDF Canada’s role in Telangana’s development and its commitment to eradicating drug abuse. Pavan Kondam from TDF Canada was acknowledged for his significant contribution to the event’s organization.

Fifty teams from various villages are set to participate in the cricket tournament, which will span over 15 days, according to tournament manager Chandu.

Sandeep Sandilya, director of TS-NAB, commended TDF for its efforts in conducting anti-drug awareness programs and assured support from TS-NAB. He mentioned that TS-NAB would provide certificates to the players as part of the anti-drug awareness campaign.

President Matta Rajeshwar Reddy reiterated TDF’s commitment to organizing more programs aimed at engaging youth in sports and cultural activities to steer them away from drug abuse.

The launch of the “Anti-Drugs Awareness Cricket Tournament” underscores the proactive measures taken by TDF and its partners to address the issue of drug abuse among rural youth and promote a healthier and more engaged community.




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