Sirisilla: The drug epidemic, which has been affecting the towns and villages of Telangana, has prompted various organizations to take action. The Telangana Development Forum (TDF), in collaboration with TS NAB, is leading efforts to combat drug abuse among the youth.

As part of their initiative, TDF is diverting Telangana’s young women and men from drugs by engaging them in sports and cultural activities, aiming to reduce cell phone addiction. TDF India and TDF Canada jointly organized a cricket competition and cultural programs for youth to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

The cricket league was officially launched in Mandepalli village, Tangallapalli Mandal, Sirisilla district. Trainee Ips Rahul Reddy initiated the finals match, where the Sirisilla Armed Reserve Police Team competed against the Ankusapur Cricket Team. The Armed Reserve Team emerged victorious, with Ankusapur finishing as the runners-up.

Sirisilla District SP, Akhil Mahajan, awarded the cricket cup and cash prize to the winning team. He took the opportunity to highlight the adverse effects of drugs on society and urged the youth to download the “Anti-Drug Soldier” App via the QR code provided by the police department. The app allows users to report drug-related incidents anonymously. SP certificates were also distributed to the players, emphasizing the importance of staying away from drugs. Information regarding drug-related activities can be reported by calling 8712671111.

TS-NAB Antidrugs awareness videos were presented to Players and audience to bring awareness as per the request from TS-NAB Director Sri.Sandeep Shandilya Garu.

TDF India President, Matta Rajeshwar Reddy, stated that the cricket tournament is a part of the TDF “Arogyaseva” health service project, aiming to make Telangana a drug-free state. The organization plans to achieve this goal by organizing more sports and cultural programs for the state’s youth.

Vikram, representing TDF Canada, engaged with the cricketers and highlighted TDF Canada’s support in developing Telangana and combating drug abuse. He commended the efforts of Pawan Kondam from TDF Canada for his vital role in organizing the event.

Matta Rajeshwar Reddy reaffirmed TDF India’s commitment to organizing more such programs, aiming to keep the youth away from drugs by involving them in healthy and constructive activities like sports and cultural events. TS-NAB Director Sandeep Sandilya and Sirisilla SP Akhil Mahajan praised the initiative and promised continued support in the future.

The tournament witnessed participation from 40 teams from various villages, spanning 15 days. Key attendees included Trainee SP Rahul Reddy, DSP, Rural CI Sadan Kumar, SSI Sudhakar, TDF USA past president Murali Chinthalpani, TDF USA board members Srinivas Gilipilli, TDF India General Secretary Vinil, and representatives Chandu and Chintu, along with sportspeople and youth from different villages of the district.



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