HYDERABAD, (media boss network) — In an exciting development for the world of Taekwondo, the organizers of the much-anticipated “Taekwondo Premier League” have announced the appointment of Young Prodigy Mr. MNR Gupta, Global CEO of the Ritzy Group based in Hyderabad, as the Honorary Chairman for the league’s second leg of its inaugural season.TPL started first time in the world in India.

The Taekwondo Premier League (TPL) made its grand debut in 2023 with a successful event held at The Ashoka, New Delhi. The primary objective behind the establishment of this league was to provide a prominent platform for the approximately 10 million Taekwondo practitioners across India. This initiative aims not only to elevate the sport but also to promote awareness at the grassroots level, especially emphasizing the safety and security of teenage girls.

Scheduled to take place on January 21st and 22nd, 2024, the TPL’s second leg will unfold at the Saroor Nagar Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. The league is set to feature 12 teams hailing from diverse regions of the country. Each team will comprise a mentor alongside three male and two female Taekwondo players, promising a riveting display of skills and talent.

The decision to appoint Mr. MNR Gupta as the Honorary Chairman stems from discussions held between the league’s board members, including Founder Directors Duvvuri Ganesh, B. Navneetha, and Dr. Venkata K. Ganjam (GK). The board expressed confidence in Mr. Gupta’s leadership and vision, anticipating that his deep involvement with Mentoring efforts & Global experience with 100 plus countries nationals would further amplify the event’s success and stature.

Expressing their enthusiasm, the league’s organizers extended an invitation to Mr. Gupta, urging him to grace the occasion between January 21 and 22, 2024. They believe that his presence will not only elevate the event but also foster greater Global collaboration and synergy, ensuring that the TPL Season One – Leg Two becomes a monumental success.

For those seeking more information about the Taekwondo Premier League or wishing to reach out, they can do so via email at [email protected] or by visiting the official website at www.taekwondopremierleague.com.




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