Mr. MNR Gupta, the esteemed Global CEO of RITZY Group and the founder Chairman of WAM Global NRI, continues to make waves with his latest achievement. His Facebook page has garnered an impressive 180,000+ likes from nationals of over 100 countries, underscoring his global influence and reach.

Mr. Gupta’s vision is clear and ambitious: to envision India as ‘Viswa Bharat’ in the coming years through global collaboration and technology transfer. His strategy revolves around harnessing the support and cooperation of a vast NRI network spanning over 100 countries across all continents. This collaborative approach aims to promote unity, innovation, and progress on a global scale.

Hailing from Telugu descent, Mr. MNR Gupta’s contributions to various fields have not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with more than 100 awards on the international stage, reflecting his dedication, leadership, and exceptional achievements.

As Mr. Gupta continues to pave the way for global collaboration and India’s transformative journey, his remarkable milestones serve as an inspiration to many, highlighting the power of vision, determination, and unity in driving positive change on a global platform.


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