In a heartwarming display of dedication and unity, the Philadelphia team recently spearheaded a highly successful Mega Convention Kick-Off and Fundraising event, garnering immense appreciation and support from attendees.

Led by TTA President Vamshi Reddy Kancharakuntla, alongside President-Elect Naveen Reddy Mallipeddi, Convenor Chandrasena Sriramoju, General Secretary Kavitha Reddy, Co-Convenor Ganesh Madhav Veeramaneni, and Community Services Chair Narsimha Peruka, the event saw a remarkable turnout and engagement.

The Philadelphia team, comprising key figures such as Narsimha Reddy Donthireddy (LN) (EVP), Suresh Reddy Venkannagari (National Internal Affairs Coordinator), Prasad Kunarapu (International Vice President), and others, was lauded for their seamless coordination and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the event’s resounding success.

Special recognition was extended to Jagdeesh Reddy Anumula, TANA’s Ravi Potluri, ATA’s Raj Kakkarla, NATA’s LaxmiNarsimha Reddy Konda, TAGDV President Rahman, AAA’s Bhaskar Reddy, Ravi Chikkala, and esteemed community leaders, generous donors, sponsors, and the diligent local and visiting teams for their invaluable contributions.

The Fundraising Committee, under the adept leadership of Naveen Mallipeddi, Pradeep Mettu, and Prasad Kunarapu, was commended for their strategic efforts in mobilizing support for TTA’s initiatives.

Reflecting on the event’s success, attendees expressed gratitude towards the Philadelphia team and emphasized the importance of fostering a spirit of collaboration and cooperation for future endeavors.

With resounding applause and a renewed commitment to excellence, the Philadelphia team’s outstanding efforts have set a high standard for future events, promising continued success and achievement for TTA and its endeavors.



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