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 American Telugu Association (ATA) and Indian Medical Association (IMA) Gajwel organized a mega medical camp under the leadership of MLC Dr. Yadav Reddy in collaboration with Gajwel Lions members.

In this camp, Gajwel along with famous doctors along with famous doctors of Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad conducted cardiac examination, ECG, sugar, BP and blood tests and provided free medicines to the needy.

On this occasion, Jayant Challa, ATA President Elect and ATA Celebrations Chair, said that the health camp was conducted with the aim of keeping all the people healthy. This program will be conducted by 40 doctors and 100 volunteers for the two thousand patients who came here. He said that for the patients who are suffering from various types of health problems, free screening has been done to general physician, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, cancer screening, dental, orthopedics, gynaecology, urology, neurology, paediatrics, skin doctor, blood tests, general surgery and free medicines.

In this program ‘ATA’ board members Narsimha Dyasani, Sai Sudini, Kashi Kota, Ravinder Guduru, Sridhar Kanchanakuntla, Treasurer Satish Reddy, Past President Paramesh Bheem Reddy, ‘ATA’ founder member Hanumanth Reddy, other ATA members, Venu Nakshathram, Narsimha Vadiala, Srinivas Ramanuja, Amrit Mullapudi, former president of Telangana Development (TDF) Kavitha Challa, members of Indian Medical Association and Gajwel Lions participated. Lunch was served to all who came to the medical camp.

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