Mustabad, Rajanna Siricilla District, Telangana: The Telangana Development Forum (TDF) is actively creating employment opportunities for women. Recently, under the leadership of TDF India President Matta Rajeshwar Reddy, a free tailoring training center was inaugurated in Mustabad town, Rajanna Siricilla district. The center was set up at the residence of Police Patel Matta Ramalinga Reddy.

The event was graced by chief guest K.K. Mahender Reddy, who inaugurated the tailoring center by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Speaking on the occasion, Mahender Reddy emphasized that economic empowerment of women not only improves their families but also enhances societal development. He highlighted the efforts of the Congress government under the leadership of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy in launching various schemes for women, including free bus travel and providing LPG cylinders at Rs. 500 each. Additionally, plans are underway to offer low-interest loans to women.

Mahender Reddy provided comprehensive insights into the use of sewing machines for the assembled women. He commended TDF’s initiative to establish the free tailoring center, seeing it as a significant step towards women’s development. He praised the pivotal role of TDF and the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in the Telangana movement and its development. He encouraged women currently involved in bidi rolling, which exposes them to harmful tobacco fumes, to transition to healthier and more sustainable employment like tailoring.

Mahender Reddy also proposed the establishment of a Skill Development Center in Siricilla to support the local youth. He assured that if TDF takes the initiative, he would facilitate the acquisition of land for the center in collaboration with the state government. He lauded the services of TDF members in the development of Telangana.

On this occasion, TDF provided tables, chairs, and other tailoring equipment to the Sri Venkateswara Foundation for the operation of the free tailoring center in rural Telangana. Certificates were also awarded to women who had completed previous tailoring batches by Mahender Reddy.

TDF India President Matta Rajeshwar Reddy highlighted that the Telangana Development Forum is a voluntary organization dedicated to the development of Telangana. He recalled TDF’s significant contribution to the formation of the Telangana state and its ongoing service activities. He expressed pride in the numerous service projects undertaken by TDF, including the promotion of natural farming and distribution of tarpaulin covers to farmers across the state. He mentioned that TDF had previously organized medical camps and provided infrastructure support to schools through the “Manabadi” program.

TDF Women’s President T. Vani elaborated on the initiatives under the TDF Vanitha Cheyutha Project. She encouraged women to move forward with dedication and discipline, emphasizing the importance of the free tailoring training camp for their self-employment and empowerment.

The event saw the participation of TDF Women’s President T. Vani, TDF General Secretary Vineel, Venkateswara Foundation President Sunitha, Venkateswara Foundation Secretary Thirumala Reddy, SETWIN Siddipet Manager Ameena, former ZPTC Gundam Narasayya, MPTC Gundelli Srinivas Goud, Uccidi Bal Reddy, former Sarpanch Oraganti Tirupati, town president Gajjala Raju, Thota Dharmender, Kondam Rajireddy, Ranjon Naresh, Sarugu Rakesh, Arutla Mahesh, and other Mustabad local representatives and women.

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