In a groundbreaking move for the Indian film industry, the much-anticipated Che Guevara biopic, titled “Che,” is all set to grace the screens on December 15. This cinematic portrayal of the iconic Cuban revolutionary will be unveiled in over 100 theaters, marking a historic moment in Indian cinema.

BR Sabawat Naik takes on the titular role and directs this venture under the banner of Nature Arts in the film titled “Navva Matam Samarpana.” Jointly produced by Surya, Babu, and Devendra, the movie boasts a stellar cast including Lavanya Sameera, Pula Siddeshwar, Karthik Nuney, Vinod, and Pasala Uma Maheshwar. The musical score is composed by Ravi Shankar.

Having successfully cleared censorship with a U/A certificate, the film is now ready to captivate audiences with its vivid portrayal of Che Guevara’s life and ideals. Veeranjaneya Pictures is handling the expansive release of the movie.

Dr. Alaida Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara, expressed her congratulations to the film unit after witnessing the captivating trailer and teaser. Reflecting on the film’s significance, lead actor and director BR Sabawat Naik stated, “We feel very proud to present the life story of Che Guevara, the hero of the revolution and the inspiration of youth, who is adored by Power Star Pawan Kalyan.”

He went on to emphasize the meticulous care taken to accurately depict Che Guevara’s struggles and sacrifices, ensuring an authentic portrayal of the historical context. Notably, Che Guevara’s daughter herself released the movie’s first look poster.

As part of the movie’s promotion, BR Sabawat Naik visited colleges and was heartened by the positive response from the youth. With the teaser and trailer already generating significant buzz, the team is optimistic about the film’s reception.

“Che” is poised to make its cinematic debut on December 15, hitting screens across more than 100 theaters, delivering a cinematic tribute to the enduring legacy of Che Guevara.

Actors: Lavanya Sameera, Pula Siddeshwar, Karthik Nuney, Vinod, Pasala Umamaheshwar, BR Sabawat Naik..
Producers: Surya, Babu, Devendra
Co Director: Nani Babu
Writer, Director: BR Sabavat Naik
Banner: Nature Arts
Publicity Designer: Viva Reddy Posters
DVP: Kalyan Sami, Jagadish
Editor: Siva Sharvani
Music Director: Ravi Shankar
PRO: Dayyala Ashok




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