In a remarkable gathering of Telugu literature enthusiasts, the state of Virginia, USA, recently played host to a spiritual gathering presided over by the esteemed poet, story-novelist, essayist, and Kendra Sahitya Akademi awardee, Padmashri Kolakaluri Enoch. Held at the Lotus Temple Auditorium, this event on October 7th was a celebration of literary excellence and social awareness. With prominent figures like Aadhanulu Narva Ramireddy, novelist and filmmaker Venu Nakshathram, and other literature lovers in attendance, the evening resonated with profound insights and a deep appreciation for the power of literature in shaping society. Here, we delve into the highlights of this extraordinary literary gathering.

Virginia (MediaBoss Network):  Renowned Telugu literary figure, poet, story-novelist, essayist, and recipient of the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award, Padmashri Kolakaluri Enoch, hosted a spiritual gathering on October 7th at the Lotus Temple Auditorium in Virginia, USA. The event was presided over by the distinguished Aadhanulu Narva Ramireddy and enjoyed the patronage of Venu Nakshathram, a celebrated novelist, filmmaker, and INAC America tour supervisor, along with the support of Washington Sahitya Foundation administrators Ravi Veluri, Prasad Cherasala, poets Chandra Katuboiina, Pawan Girla, and Praveen Dodda, all of whom are passionate literature enthusiasts.

During the gathering, Kolakaluri Enoch delivered a thought-provoking speech, emphasizing the transformative power of love and literature as a tool to confront adversity. He stressed that even the most unyielding challenges can be conquered through love, and he wielded literature as a weapon to address societal issues, aiming to raise awareness among his readers. Enoch highlighted that his writings were inspired by real-life events and were crafted with the intent of fostering social consciousness.

Speaker Narava Ramireddy also graced the event with his words, expressing his privilege at presiding over an assembly dedicated to Inak Gari (Kolakaluri Enoch). Ramireddy shared his admiration for Inak Gari’s extensive body of work, spanning stories, novels, poems, essays, and the numerous accolades he has received in each genre.

Venu Nakshathram, one of the event’s organizers, went on to propose that Inak Gari should be recognized with the “Best Father” award, alongside the numerous literary awards he has already earned. Nakshathram credited Inak’s literature for shaping Inak and his three children into educators and esteemed individuals within society, solely through their remarkable talent. He also acknowledged that Inak’s works played a pivotal role in popularizing fictional novels, now known as “Munivahana Seva,” in society.

In a gesture of appreciation, shawls were presented to Ravi Veluri, Ramesh Ravella, Inak, and Navra Ramireddy. Capital Area Telugu President Satish Tudhiya, on this occasion, expressed his commitment to organizing special literary gatherings annually through his organization. Venu Nakshathram called upon Telugu Sanghs (organizations) in America to prioritize literature in their conferences, suggesting that hosting a dedicated literary conference each year would greatly contribute to the promotion of Telugu literature. Literature enthusiasts from the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia regions actively participated in this noteworthy event.




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