HYDERABAD (August 2, 2023):

The 5th Emergence Celebrations of the ‘Mana TRS’ Party were conducted with great grandeur at the prestigious ‘The Plaza’ Star Hotel in Hyderabad on Wednesday. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation and addresses from the party’s prominent leaders, held under the gracious patronage of the national president of ‘Mana TRS’ party, ACP.

During the momentous occasion, ACP, the national president of ‘Mana TRS’ party, announced the party’s commitment to pursue statehood for Backward Classes (BCs). He emphasized the party’s vision of achieving ‘BC Rajyam – BC Chief Minister.’ The announcement was met with resounding support and enthusiasm from the attendees.

Further, in recognition of his dedication and service to the party, Mantena Baja Goud was appointed as the district president of ‘Mana TRS’ party for Nizamabad. This appointment was made with the presentation of the policy document, the Beform, by the party president ACP, symbolizing the party’s trust and confidence in Goud’s leadership abilities.

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed party leaders, including Dr. Sarath Babu, the MLA candidate for Station Ghanapur, Dr. Nagarjun, Vice President of ‘Mana TRS’ Party, Treasurer Pothu Narendra, and Chief Advisors Y S Rama, S. Prabhakar, Srinivas. P, and MN Swamy, among others. Each of them expressed their unwavering support and dedication to the party’s cause and vision for a prosperous future.

The celebration marked a significant milestone in the journey of ‘Mana TRS’ Party, and the resolute commitment to champion the interests of Backward Classes, paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered society.









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