Hyderabad: In the upcoming elections for the Kukatpally constituency, all major political parties are gearing up to secure victory. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken firm steps to claim this constituency, with hopes high for a favorable outcome. Leading the charge is Vaddevalli Saran Chaudhary, a prominent member of the Telangana BJP state executive committee, who has been appointed to represent Kukatpally. Chaudhary has been actively engaging with senior BJP leaders and dedicated activists in the constituency, focusing on the party’s development and the betterment of Kukatpally as a whole.

Immersing himself in the local community, Chaudhary has been conducting door-to-door visits, listening to the concerns of the people and offering them encouragement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also joined the efforts by personally distributing leaflets that outline the BJP’s governance achievements and welfare schemes to families in the constituency, as part of the ‘Intindiki BJP’ program. This direct communication approach aims to illustrate the party’s plans and commitments if they emerge victorious in Kukatpally.

Expressing his thoughts on the matter, Vaddevalli Saran Chaudhary highlighted the regular visits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Kukatpally constituency, where he has been elucidating the country’s accomplishments during his nine-year tenure. Chaudhary expressed his delight at the overwhelming response from the people, emphasizing the tremendous support for Modi and the BJP. Fueled by this enthusiasm and widespread admiration, he believes that the party will surpass its goals and secure a special place in the hearts of the electorate. With unwavering confidence, Chaudhary assures that the leaders and workers of the constituency will continue to engage with the people, proudly flying the BJP flag high in Kukatpally until the next election.







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