Hyderabad: In a heartfelt open letter directed towards Telugu technocrats across the globe, Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary of the Information Technology, Electronics, and Communications Department of the Government of Telangana, cordially invites them to partake in the prestigious World Telugu Information Technology Conference (WTITC) 2023. Scheduled to be held on August 6 at the renowned Singapore Changi Expo, this conference aims to unite Telugu technocrats from various corners of the world.

With a vision of fostering collaboration and providing unparalleled networking opportunities, the WTITC 2023 promises to be a truly global gathering. Technocrats representing over 100 countries are anticipated to participate, creating a unique platform for connection and the exchange of ideas within the vibrant Telugu IT community. Notably, the conference will feature esteemed officials from the Information Technology, Electronics, and Communications Departments of both Telugu states. Through insightful sessions and engaging panel discussions, participants will gain valuable insights into the visionary policies and initiatives undertaken by the Telugu state governments to fuel the growth of the IT sector.

Expressing his genuine enthusiasm for this grand event, Jayesh Ranjan emphasizes the opportunity to engage with technocrats from diverse countries. The conference will serve as an exceptional platform for sharing experiences, exploring potential collaborations, and strengthening the global Telugu IT community.

The WTITC 2023 promises to be an enriching experience, where Telugu technocrats can connect, network, and forge meaningful partnerships to drive innovation and growth in the IT sector. Jayesh Ranjan extends a warm invitation to all Telugu technocrats worldwide to join this esteemed gathering and contribute to its success.

For further information and registration details, please visit the official website of the World Telugu Information Technology Conference.









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