Excitement abounds as the makers of the much-anticipated movie ‘Rajugaru Kodipulao’ treat fans to the scintillating first single, ‘Suno Tsunami.’ The lyrical video, released on Tuesday, tantalizes viewers with a perfect blend of steamy romance and foot-tapping beats.

Written by the talented Mallik Vallabha, the lyrics of ‘Suno Tsunami’ set hearts racing with lines like ‘Ourara kanne kodi… Oo vayyari vanne laadi.. ishtpadina lady..’ The sizzling chemistry between lead actors Neha Deshpande and Kunal Kaushik promises to ignite the screen, leaving audiences eager for more.

In a harmonious collaboration, singers NC Karunya and Vaishali Sri Prathap lend their captivating vocals to this mesmerizing track. Complemented by the musical genius of Pravin Mani, the composition sets the stage for an unforgettable auditory experience.

‘Rejugaru Kodipulao’ ventures beyond the conventional, presenting an adventurous road movie brimming with mystery and suspense. Helmed by the visionary director Shiva Kona, the film is set to enthrall audiences with its unique narrative and gripping plot. Anil Moduga and Shiva Kona, the producers of the film, leave no stone unturned in their quest to deliver a cinematic masterpiece.

Joining the talented ensemble cast are Etv Prabhakar, Shiva Kona, Prachi Thaker, Ramya Dinesh, and Abhilash Bandari, among others, who bring their stellar performances to the screen, enriching the cinematic experience.

Under the guidance of DOP Pavan Guntuku, the visuals of ‘Rajugaru Kodipulao’ come alive, captivating viewers with stunning cinematography. The sound design and mixing, masterfully crafted by G. Purushottam Raju and A. Raj Kumar, ensure an immersive and engaging auditory journey.

The release of ‘Suno Tsunami’ marks a significant milestone for ‘Rajugaru Kodipulao,’ creating a buzz among fans who eagerly anticipate the film’s grand unveiling. With the music label Aditya Music lending its support, the single promises to dominate the charts, leaving audiences craving more of this musical extravaganza.

As the countdown to ‘Rajugaru Kodipulao’ continues, the anticipation grows. The film, with its unique blend of adventure, romance, and mystery, is poised to captivate audiences and leave an indelible impression on the cinematic landscape.

Stay tuned for further updates as ‘Rajugaru Kodipulao’ prepares to take audiences on an exhilarating ride like no other.






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