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In a significant development for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), MediaBoss has unveiled ‘Swadesam’ – an innovative service platform specifically designed to address the needs of expatriates around the world. With its diverse range of services and competitive pricing, ‘Swadesam’ aims to provide exceptional support to NRIs, particularly those in the Telugu states.

Expanding upon its commitment to serving the NRI community, ‘Swadesam’ has launched a user-friendly website at This digital hub acts as a one-stop destination for NRIs seeking assistance and solutions related to their needs in India. By simply accessing the website, NRIs can now effortlessly avail themselves of a host of services to facilitate their requirements.

To access the services, NRIs are directed to a convenient and straightforward online submission form available at This form allows users to provide specific details about the desired service in a text format. Once the form is submitted, the dedicated team at SWADESAM swings into action, ensuring a prompt response within 48 hours. NRIs can expect comprehensive and personalized information, tailored to meet their specific service requirements.

With ‘Swadesam,’ NRIs can experience the convenience and reliability of a service platform designed exclusively for them. From essential document processing to financial assistance, and everything in between, ‘Swadesam’ strives to cater to the diverse needs of the NRI community.

As NRIs continue to play a vital role in the global landscape, ‘Swadesam’ emerges as a trusted partner, providing unparalleled support and exceptional services. Visit today to discover the world of opportunities that await NRIs seeking efficient and reliable assistance in India. ‘Swadesam’ is ready to empower NRIs and help transform their vision into reality.

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