Jagtial: Widows of Gulf victims are gearing up to contest the upcoming Assembly elections, making a significant impact in 32 constituencies affected by developments in the Gulf region. With the support of the “Gulf Shramikula Hakkula Udyamakarulu,” these women are poised to become a force to reckon with in the political landscape.

This unprecedented move by the widows marks a new chapter in North Telangana’s political scene, giving rise to the formation of fresh political alliances. Representatives from The Gulf JAC and Gulf Workers’ Political Forum are actively engaging with workers’ unions, people’s organizations, and intellectuals to bolster their political struggle.

Telangana alone accounts for an estimated 1.5 million laborers residing in Gulf countries, a substantial number of whom have returned home in the last decade. However, these individuals are still awaiting the government’s promised assistance of Rs. 5 lakh as ex-gratia, along with an annual budget allocation of Rs. 500 crore. Furthermore, the lack of employment opportunities has compounded their challenges.

Had there been local resource-driven industrial development and a boost to the agricultural sector, a significant portion of the issues faced by these returnees could have been addressed. The consolidation of Gulf victims’ families has the potential to form a powerful vote bank of up to one crore individuals. Political analysts have already indicated that this substantial voting bloc could prove decisive in the forthcoming elections, capturing the attention of various political parties.

In light of these developments, the electoral landscape in Telangana is poised for a remarkable transformation as the widows of Gulf victims actively seek to secure their rights and bring attention to the struggles faced by their community.


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