Georgekutty, the protagonist of “Drishyam” and a cable operator in a small village in Kerala, is now a successful film producer. His wife, Rani, and two daughters, Anju and Anu, are happy and content with their lives. However, their peaceful existence is shattered when Georgekutty’s past catches up with him.

It is revealed that Georgekutty had actually killed Varun, the son of Inspector General Geetha Prabhakar, in order to protect his family in the events of the first two films. Geetha, who had been investigating Varun’s disappearance all these years, finally finds the evidence she needs to incriminate Georgekutty.

Georgekutty is arrested and put on trial for murder. His family is devastated, and Georgekutty’s lawyer, Prabhakar, struggles to find a way to defend him. The case becomes a media sensation, with people taking sides and debating whether Georgekutty is guilty or not.

As the trial proceeds, more evidence comes to light that puts Georgekutty in an even more difficult position. However, Prabhakar, with the help of Georgekutty’s family, manages to piece together a convincing argument that exonerates Georgekutty.

In a dramatic twist, it is revealed that Geetha herself had a personal motive to see Georgekutty behind bars, and that she had fabricated some of the evidence against him. She is exposed and brought to justice, and Georgekutty is finally declared innocent.

The film ends with Georgekutty and his family returning to their normal lives, but with the knowledge that they will never be truly free from the events of the past. The film leaves the audience with the question of whether Georgekutty’s actions were justified, and whether the ends truly justify the means.



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