Following the comments made by senior Congress leader Komatreddy Venkat Reddy, BRS MLA from Achampet Constituency Guvvala Balaraju came down heavily on Komatreddy stating that people of Telangana won’t believe his remarks. Komatreddy stirred up a controversy by stating that a hung Assembly will be in store after the 2024 Assembly Elections and the ruling BRS party would join hands with the Congress.

MLA Balaraju said only television channels have taken Komatreddy’s words too seriously. “The fact is that the people of Telangana will never take the words of the Congress party into consideration. Komatreddy is not a petty local leader. He served as a Minister earlier and as an MLA in the erstwhile Nalgonda district, he is known for being pragmatic in politics. But the Congress party has gone into the hands of industrialists and capitalists. With its secret agreements and lopsided decisions, the party has lost its identity. All seniors have left the party over the years. Even if they continued in the party, an undeniable fact is there is not unity. If at all it has to be in sync with the trend, there should be brainstorming among the Congress leaders and fight against the BJP government. Any infighting among the leaders will only dent the Congress further. On this occasion, the BRS party firmly believes the people of Telangana are in no mood to hear any predictions that Congress leaders make,” he said.

MLA Balaraju said, “And there’s a strong slogan sweeping across the country ‘Jai KCR.. Jai BRS’. People are optimistic to give a chance to the leadership of K Chandrashekar Rao at the national level because of the welfare schemes and development activities taking place in Telangana. The schemes like 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, and potable drinking water to every household have already earned a name for KCR garu. So at this juncture, people will never believe the words of the Congress party.”

He continued, “Along with this, the BJP party is going a step ahead by giving a call to demolish the Pragathi Bhavan. The mindset of these parties is no less than evil forces which will destroy the fabric of peaceful Telangana. I would request all the media houses to telecast news based on necessity rather than taking sides of political leaders. Media should rather broadcast the news of how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to suppress the voice of BBC Network which is a threat to democracy. The news on Komatreddy’s comments on the hung Assembly is insignificant. BRS will go to the Assembly polls in 2024 without any alliance. Since KCR garu truthful leader, there is no doubt that people would vote the BRS party to victory in the upcoming elections.”


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