Present: Akhil and Nikhil
Banner: Supriya Entertainments
Hero Heroine: Manoj, Chandini Bhagwanani
Character artists: Raja Ravindra, San
Dialogues: Gauriswar and Sivaprasad Samala
Music: Kiran Venner
Background scoreg: SK Baji
Director: Nagaraj Bodem
Producer: D. Haribabu
Rating: 3/5

Presented by Akhil and Nikhil, Haribabu is directed by Nagaraj Bodem under Supriya Entertainments banner. D is producing the film ’14 Days Love’. Manoj Puttur and Chandini Bhagwani are acting as heroines in this film which has recently come to the audience. Let’s find out how this movie is in the review report.

Reddappa has a daughter named Chitra (heroine Chandini Bhagwanani). She falls in love with Ravi who lives in the same village. As the parents come to know, they both want to leave the house together.. If they both leave at the same time, there will be doubt in the house.. The heroine goes to Hyderabad first. At the same time there will be a lock down due to corona. With this, Chitra will have to stay in Hyderabad and Ravi’s hometown. Reddappa stops Ravi as his daughter is not seen. Ravi tells everything that happened. As Chitra is stuck in Hyderabad.. while thinking how, she calls Reddappa’s sister (Sana) who is staying in Hyderabad and tells about the matter.. Chitra reaches their aunt’s house. But Reddappa’s sister’s son does not like the Reddappa family. With this, he is indifferent to the ‘image’. In this background, Reddappa’s sister gets corona. Will be in quarantine for 14 days. In this sequence, Chitra’s brother-in-law and Chinna’s affection grows and blossoms into love. What is the reason for Asalu Reddappa to sleep with his sister’s family? What is the reason for Ravi falling in love with her brother-in-law at the beginning of the film? Did Chitra do all this to bring these two families together? You have to watch the movie to know.

Artist’s Performance:
Chandini Bhagavanani, who acted in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies, played the main role in this movie. Her performance and glamor became the main attraction of the movie. There is no doubt that Manoj, who has already acted in ten films, impressed the audience with his ease in this film. His character is like our boy next door. His performances captivate the audience. And senior actor Rajaravindra and actress Sanashanur acted in important roles and gave life to the movie. Chandni has played the role of bringing two families together. The family emotions are brilliantly cultivated. Also, the hero has shown his acting to be close to reality without faltering anywhere.

Performance of technicians:
Director Nagaraj Bodem succeeds in using all the departments technically. Music provided by Kiran Venna is super. SK Baji’s background score and reverse screenplay are the main assets of the film. Making visuals and screenplay will hook the audience. Brilliant technicians worked for this movie. And the director took a simple line and took the movie to the next level with his wonderful screenplay. Especially the twist in the climax can be said to give life to the movie. The dialogues are also very natural and thought provoking.

The whole movie runs with an interesting story. By writing the revenge love story as a crime thriller, it must be said that the director has succeeded in portraying what he intended. It is seen on screen that the budget has been put in a suitable manner for the story without compromising anywhere. Overall, it can be said that the audience of this generation will like this movie very much. Especially the director has made a good family drama by using the corona lock down. The director should be congratulated for this. It can be said that `14 Days Love’ is a movie that has come with good family emotions in recent times. This is a movie that will be watched happily by all sections like youth and family. Don’t miss.. Go and watch.


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